Frequently Asked Questions

'got wi-fi?' is the best way to securely share your home or business Wi-Fi with guests. You may probably relate to the situation of a guest asking for your Wi-Fi password and then having to read off a series of random numbers and letters, hoping they don't get it wrong. If you can't relate because your Wi-Fi password is super short and easy to remember, we would recommend updating that as having unwanted intruders on your home network can be a big security issue.

With our fridge magnet guests can easily use their iPhone (iPhone 7 or newer) or Android device to tap and instantly be connected to Wi-Fi!

Yes, extremely safe. When you set up a new fridge magnet your Wi-Fi information only ever gets transferred to your product. This means that no one (including us) is able to access your Wi-Fi network unless they have access to your fridge magnet.

Each "got wi-fi" product contains a very tiny device called an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag. When you bring your phone close to the tag, it can read the stored Wi-Fi information and use that to connect.

If you're an iOS user, you're all set, it's always ready to go. For Android, open your phone's settings and search for "NFC".

They're 3D printed in-house and then combined with a magnet and an NFC tag.

No problem, just use the app to set up the fridge magnet again with the new details.

Sorry you're having issues, we're happy to help, please contact us and we'll sort you out.